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Welcome to the AYSL President's BLOG!

Welcome to my new BLOG! So many times I've talked about doing this and something always gets in the way. For years I have talked about how to get information out to players, parents and coaches, but have not ever had a good way to do that. With the re-design of our website and cool new tools that we have at our disposal now, I am excited to do this.

My goal for this BLOG is to pass along information and news related to the League, interesting articles related to soccer, tips for our players, parents and coaches, and much, much more. I really hope that you find what I post here informative and helpful. My intent is to update the blog weekly, even if it is just with an interesting article I've found.

Thank you for being a part of our AYSL family. Soccer is an important part of my life and I love to be on the pitch watching and coaching all of these wonderful kids. Sometimes it's stressful managing a league like ours and I will admit there have been days when I question whether I'm cut out for this, but then I walk on that field on a Saturday morning and see all the laughing and smiling kids and it makes it all worth it. Nothing I have ever been involved with has been more rewarding than being a member of this league. I love being a volunteer for this organization, I love coaching, and I love these kids. I hope that through this blog, my passion for this sport and these kids will be apparent and will rub off on all who follow it.

Thank you!

James Crandall, President

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