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Referee General Information

Referee Responsibilities

Referees are independent contractors (not AYSL employees)


  1. Referee responsibilities are to get assignments to officiate matches

  2. Show up at your assignment at least 15 minutes early to do inspection

  3. Check players in - make sure the players on the pitch are the ones on the player passes - and they are not wearing jewelry and have proper soccer gear (shinguards, cleats, matching jersey with unique number).

  4. Call the game - based on league rules/playing ages

  5. Report scores - the same weekend of the games (so you may be paid)

  6. Report any serious incididents to the Assignor immediately (e.g. serious injuries, send offs, problem spectators or coaches, etc.) 










Referee Links

(Checking in teams, starting the game, marking the game cards)

How Anderson Youth Soccer Supports Refs
  • In conjunction with District IX, AYSL will provide a mentor for new referees.  Mentors will also be provided for experienced referees needing assistance or wishing to move up.  Check with your referee assignor if you are interested in our Referee Mentor Program.

  • All referees who ref games at the Anderson Soccer Park will receive a meal with a drink from the Snack Bar as well as unlimited water through out the day.


For information on how to become a referee, general referee questions, or referee support contact the Referee Assignor.

Referee Checklist

  1. Whistle

  2. Stopwatch

  3. Flip Coin

  4. Pen

  5. Yellow and Red/Send Off Cards

  6. AR Flags

  7. Sunblock

  8. Water

  9. Snack

US Soccer Resources

Law 11


Law 13

Free Kicks

Law 14

The Penalty Kick

Remind me again of the Admin requirements...

There are muliple systems to navigate, but two are most imporant:

  • CNRA (via
    - Prospective Referees must register with CNRA in order to get trained.
    - Returning Referees must renew your registration with CNRA in order to keep your certification current.

  • SoccerEZ (via
    - All referees wishing to sign up for games at the Anderson Soccer Park will use this site to do so.

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