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Frequently Asked Questions

Having Trouble with Gotsports Registration? Click Here for Step By Step Instructions

Q:  What age bracket does my child fall under?

A: Age brackets for the season go by birth year.  The brackets for the Spring 2023 Season goes as follows - 

U6 born 2019 or 2018

U8 born 2017 or 2016

U10 born 2015 or 2014

U12 born 2012 or 2013

U14 born 2011 or 2010

U16 - Please contact us at

Q:  How much does it cost for my child to play?

A:  Each bracket is a different price.  This is due to many reasons from field size, to referee qualifications etc. Prices may change per season but Fall 2023 prices are as follows.  


Little Kicks: $60

U6 - $70

U8 - $80

U10 - $105

U12 - $110

U14 - $115

U16/U19 - $125

Q:  If I coach does my child get to play for free?  

A: Yes!  We love supporting our coaches and that means that the child who's team you coach gets to play for free.  Once registered as a coach through GotSports contact us at and we will get you a refund for player's registration through GotSports.

Q:  What times are practices?

A:  Each individual coach has the ability to make their own practice schedule.  Most teams do practice twice a week for approx. an hour at each time.  Shortly after receiving your coach assignment your coach should let you know what days and times you are looking at for practices.  

Q:  When does the season start?

A: Fall 2023 Season officially starts September 9th, 2023.  You're coach should be in contact 1 week prior to start up practices.  ​

We will be having our fall Jamboree August 25th at 10am where player's will pick up their uniforms, meet their coach and can play fun games!

Q:  Can I request a particular coach for my child?

A:  Yes, we do take requests for coaches.  We try our best to accommodate coach requests the best we can but it is not guaranteed as many things can come into play while forming teams.  

Q:  I've emailed a few times and I haven't received anything back.  What's going on? 


A:  We try our best to get to emails and facebook messages as quickly as possible.  However, our board member's are all volunteers and do have lives outside of AYSL.  I know it's hard to believe as soccer is so awesome but it does happen.  However, make sure to check that you are in fact emailing the correct email.  We have tried hard to streamline things but throughout the years numerous emails have come into play and we are trying our best to streamline to just one for general questions.  Please send all questions or comments to

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